The Team
              "Your Bridge to the World"
  "To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed"

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Core Team:




Sebastien Taveau, Chairman of the Board at Fluctuat LLC and Advisory Board Member at QSecure Inc.

Sebastien’s technical and professional experience spans more than 20 years of variety industries involving embedded solutions, software and security. His deep knowledge of the wireless and payment industries helped him identify the upcoming need for new systems to meet the growing electronic transaction demands. The current state of transition both in technology and security standard has positioned Fluctuat LLC services in a high demand niche market.

Prior to Fluctuat LLC, Sebastien has held senior management positions for starts-up and Fortune companies such as Cardsoft, Ridgerun (a Texas Instruments venture), Motorola SPS (now Freescale) and others. His skills in marketing, sales and technology were acquired through experience and bolstered by a postgraduate degree from the University of Paris 1 – Pantheon Sorbonne and a MSG in Business Strategy from the University of Tours in France.

Sebastien speaks fluently English, French, Spanish and has knowledge of Italian and German.

Guy Lasseron, Technical Consultant to the Board at Fluctuat LLC and Member of JCK Inc.

Guy has been involved with some large F100 companies such as Oracle and Peoplesoft for the past 25 years. His experience covers Testing and Quality Assurance but also more complex Product Engineering Management and Hardware/Software Integration. From his beginning in the Telecom industry to the large software application management, Guy has a unique perspective on how to transform a product from a concept into a commercial and viable solution.

Guy graduated in Computer Sciences (specialty in digital electronic micro-code) from EPITA in France and attends many training and executive courses from prestigious universities in the Bay Area to constantly update his expertise.

Guy speaks fluently English, French, Spanish and has knowledge in Cantonese & Japanese.


Harald Lotz, President of Lotz Consulting and Partner of Fluctuat LLC in Brazil.

Harald has more than 30 years of experience in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America in sales- and general management in hardware, software, telecommunications and embedded technologies. Mr. Lotz served in senior executive positions including Vice-President of International Sales at Motorola/Metrowerks, IBM, Wang Laboratories, ACT Networks as well as President and CEO of MicroTempus Software Inc.

 He was recently honored by the University of Paris 1- Pantheon La Sorbonne, with an Honoris Causa Postgraduate Degree (DESS) in International and European Business Management

Mr. Lotz speaks English, German, French and Portuguese.

Members Expertise:

Furthermore, Fluctuat Team has leading knowledge in project management ranging from development, test and certification of EMV financial POS terminal to design, personalization, test and certification of smart card areas.

We are familiar with international and domestic financial smart card specifications such as EMV, VIS, M/Chip, J/Smart, PBOC, Global Platform and STIP.

Our members provided consultancy for application development and test regarding EMV POS terminals in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Specialized in UAT(ADVT) test of Visa, ETEC test of Mastercard and J/Smart test of JCB, we can also assist with matter related to China Union Pay and its migration and upgrading of acquirer and switch centre for EMV transaction processing. One of our members took part in drafting the new version of China financial IC card specifications (domestic EMV spec) and as a core member was in charge of terminal specifications.


Miscelaneous Information

About the Origin of Fluctuat:

Fluctuat stands for the city of Paris motto "Fluctuat Nec Mergitur". This alludes to the shared love of the Ocean and sailing by some members, the attachment to the University of Paris and also to the oscilloscopic fluctuations of our electronic material.

It also illustrates the need for "floating" workforce dedicated to punctual projects in today's world.

About Us:

Our team of consultants has a working knowledge in French, English, Spanish, Brazilian, Japanese and Chinese in their respective field of expertise.

Our team can assist with security projects related to certification issues for standards such as EMV, PCI PED, FIPS, Global Platform /STIP, FINREAD, CC and others.

Resumés and Detailed Profile Available on Demand:

Sébastien Taveau - Guy Lasseron - Harald Lotz


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